Monday, November 19, 2007
Just wanted to share with you how excited i am .... i am nearly beside myself honestly. Quick question, will we know the yarn requirements before christmas eve?
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Kal Projects
Sunday, November 18, 2007
I have designed two sets for the kal. Like I wrote in the prev posting, its:

Knitted winter stuff for kids (accessories), and crochet winter stuff (accessories) for us big girls.

The patterns are heavily inspired by the winter season that suddenly came upon us here in Norway. I know that some of you doesn't have a white snowy cold landscape outside your house (like we scandics will have soon), thus I thought about doing something else for you?? Please send me an e-mail if you feel that winter stuff is just not your thang :)
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Designs and ideas so far
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
I've had a 3 h roadtrip today...so obviously I had some time to think of something to make for the knitalong. The items will be a secret until Christmas eve...but here comes the 'themes' so far. At least they will give you some hints on what types of designs that are coming :)

1) Hello Kitty Winter Cuteness - for kids

1) Hello Kitty Winter Mama - for girls (like us that dears to wear anything Hello Kitty'ish)

Idea are still most welcome :)
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Info and Rules for the Hello Kitty Mystery KAL
The Hello Kitty Mystery KAL includes secret items designed by Oslofia.

Since this is a mysterious kal, the participants will not know what items to come. The kal will have knitted and crochetted projects to make. Patterns will be designed and tried out by oslofia in November, early December. I'm open to ideas and inputs on the upcoming designs.

Oslofia will be the host of the knitalong. The patterns will be distributed to the participating knitters and crochetters by e-mail in a pdf formate to you on Christmas eve. You can knit and crochet all items. However, you will only get one pattern or set to start with, and the following patterns as you go along finishing your projects.

Pictures of your finished items must be published on the Hello Kitty Mystery kal blog, and on the Hello Kitty Ravelry group. You must have your own blog or website to join this knitalong, and you must be a member of the Hello Kitty Ravelry group. This kal is open to members of this group only.

You will also get invited to become a member of the Hello Kitty blog. This will allow you to post pictures and postings on the HK blog your self. If you’re still interested in joining the Hello Kitty knitalong, please join with the understanding that the following kal rules must be followed:

1) Please use the blog actively, as we would love to see your HK stuff =) KAL’ers can post 'progress' pictures as they go. Photos of finished items must be posted on the Hello Kitty Blog and on the Hello Kitty ravelry group.

2) Try to limit the size of the pictures posted on the Hello Kitty blog. Feel free to link as many pictures as you want from your own blog or webspace in your postings on the Hello Kitty blog.

3) Picturepostings on the Hello Kitty blog is limited to Hello Kitty ’items’.

4) Lets be nice and friendly to each other!! Lets keep in mind what Hello Kitty always says: You can never have too many friends. I’m not kidding…this is her motto =)

5) All posts and comments are subject to deletion by the knitalong host. Rude, harsh, condescending or otherwise disparaging comments will not be tolerated or permitted. The editorial decisions of the knitalong hosts are final!

6) Join the knitalong by e-mailing Oslofia your Name, Blogsite, Ravelry name, your personal Ravelry page, and if you will be knitting or crocheting. You will then receive an invitation to join the blog after you’ve been signed up, which will allow you to post pictures and postings on the HK blog. Declining this invitation will in be interpreted in the way that you don’t want to join = deletion from the knitalong.

7) Please add a link to the KAL blog on your own blog or website. As soon as you've handed me the details, added a link to your blog, and accepted the iniviation to join the kal blog...you will be added as a participant to the kal blog.

8) Please note: these patterns are for your personal use only. It may not be copied or posted on other websites, or used for any for-profit use. For other uses, please contact Oslofia.

Good Luck =)
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Welcome to the upcoming Hello Kitty Mystery KAL
Well...looks like there is going to be another Hello Kitty kal. Hope you will join us!!!!
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