HK Doll Hat
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Okay, I finally made it and is it ever cute cute cute! I made Oslofia's HK hat in tiny needles and yarn to fit an American Girl Doll! Whee is it ever cute on that doll!!!

I have forgotten how much fun it is to make doll clothes--I used to have a blast sewing clothes for my DD's American Girls 18" doll. It was such fun to knit this.

and now (drumroll, please).................

First is a grainy photo w/o flash.

That's a little better.

Hello Kitty doll hat posing on a skein of Socks That Rock yarn.

I must find DD's American Girl doll for a proper photo shoot.

(I'll have a pic of the hat on the doll soon.)

I love HK!!!!!!!

My mods: I used Dalegarn Baby Ull fine yarn with needles in U.S. size 1 to knit this (instead of worsted). And I made different ears by CO 18 sts, and doing garter stitch, with 2 dec every other row until there were only two st, then K2 tog and thread yarn through. I also embroidered the features with other yarns, instead of using felt. (I did adjust the hat slightly, by cutting out 4-5 rows overall.)

Now on to the next HK project! Thanks to Oslofia for the cute patterns :)

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